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Based in Los Angeles, California, the InHouse team is a team of software developers that specialize in building for startups.

Nolan Tait

Nolan Tait is a senior developer with 10+ years of experience building web products. He studied Cognitive Systems at UBC and founded a successful startup through the e@UBC accelerator during his third year. He’s worked on commercial projects ranging from computer vision applications, to Web 3.0, SaaS startups and augmented reality games.

Andrew Donald

Andrew Donald is a junior developer with 2 years of full time experience in building software on the web. A graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Communications program in 2017, he began working as a marketer in technology adjacent fields and forged a passion for software development.

Peter Khoury

Peter Khoury has created, boot-strapped, and funded startups since the age of 16. Graduating business school in Finance and with a Master’s in Economics, Peter pursued a successful career in the world of finance. Bringing his expertise in system operations, finance, sales and business development to InHouse, he helps guide the team towards pragmatic and effective solutions. He has a love for innovation through technology, and the real-world problems it can solve for businesses.